Sunday, March 22, 2009

Remember your divine potential....

Our Dear Young Friends:

You are blessed and favored of our Heavenly Father to be alive today. The world is full of beauty and opportunities—greater than any other period in the history of mankind. These special years of preparation will be filled with discovery, seeking, finding, growing, stretching, reaching, and learning of God’s plan and what he expects from you, his daughter.The same world is full of ugliness and evil influences. You will be challenged, tempted, thwarted, and attacked in every way by the plans and persuasions of the adversary.Our Heavenly Father knows all this and knows you. He has confidence and faith that you will use these years of preparation in being an obedient child of God who can be molded and shaped for the special mission and destiny he would have you fill. Pray always, know your Savior Jesus Christ, study the scriptures, and think of specific ways you can apply the teachings in your life. Live to be worthy of the blessings of the priesthood, be happy, and walk tall with joy and thanksgiving in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.You are surrounded by many who love you and want to protect and guide you—friends, your class officers, adult leaders, your bishopric, your parents and family, and above all Jesus Christ and your Father in Heaven.May we be included among those who care and love you very much. We pray always that you will be blessed and strengthened in your preparation to live with your Father in Heaven again, for he has invited “all to come unto Christ” (D&C 20:59) “and be perfected in him” (Moroni 10:32).

Young Women General Presidency