Sunday, June 14, 2009

ministering through activities

I love this outline in planning activities!

How can we plan meaningful activities? Begin by identifying needs:

What are the needs of individual young women? What type of activity would meet those needs?
How can you follow priesthood direction and address priesthood leaders' concerns for youth through activities?
How can you mutually improve all young women and prepare them for their future roles as wives, mothers, homemakers, leaders, and faithful women in the gospel? Activities are a time to improve the skills of young women and help them develop spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually. Activities should also provide youth with opportunities to practice using those skills and serve others.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mormon New Era Messages

check out this mormon ad and others. you can even subscribe to the NEW ERA messages on youtube.....


Crowning the Laruels

What a CUTE idea!!

We talk a lot about how to recognize the achievements of our Young Women. The boys get all their priesthood ordinations and their scouting ceremonies, the young women rarely, depending on the ward, get the same pomp and circumstance.

I decided that when the girls in my ward turn 16 and enter my class, we should have a little ceremony in opening exercises where we crown them with a laurel wreath and then all the rest of the Laurels give them hugs and air kisses.
I thought it was just a fun goofy little thing to do until I found out that the girls were wearing their headbands to school and all the older Laurels started begging me for their own headbands.So here's how I did it:All I did was get a couple of different colors of green wool felt and cut a million little teardrop shapes out of them. If you can, avoid the craft felt. It's thin and will look cheap. Go for the real wool felt, you don't need much. A fat quarter will yield as many as seven or eight headbands depending on how you apply your leaves.
check out the full link!!!

Family History Library

Sponsors SUMMER of SLEUTHING Are you looking for a fun activity to keep your children occupied this summer? Would you like to learn more about your family? Do you need a kick start to organize your family records? “Summer of Sleuthing—Save Our Ancestors” (SOS) is a family summer activities program sponsored by the Family History Library to introduce families to the fun of family history.

With a series of weekly challenges, families can participate in activities that will help them learn more about themselves and their ancestors. The program materials are available online at listed under Activities for Youth.

The challenges can also help youth in accomplishing goals in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Primary Achievement Days, Young Women, and Young Men. As part of the challenges, family members are encouraged to keep a journal of their experiences and create memories together as a family.

We encourage you to share this message with all families, both Church members and those who are not. We hope that this experience will bring families closer together as they gain an appreciation for the lasting treasures to be found in family history work.


FamilySearch U.S. and Canada: 1-866-406-1830

International: go to for more toll-free phone numbers

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seminary Graduation

Congratulations! Seniors for graduating and for your participation in seminary. We are so proud of your hard work and accomplishments.....
~all six graduates. tessa, amanda, nicki, collin, + adam...minus jordan!

(last names omitted to protect the innocent..hee, hee)

Students receiving diplomas & certificates:



Allyssa-3 year
Nicholynn-3 year

Rochester 1st
Joshua-1 year
Brandon-1 year

Rochester 2nd

Rochester 3rd
Kyle-2 year
Frank-2 year

Thomas S. Monson Gospel Scholar Award
Brent, Jodie, Jordan, Devan, Daryl, Julia, Tessa

Heber J. Grant Persverance Award
Brent, Jordan, Alyssa, Collin, Devan, Julia, Samuel

Yummy treats!!!

The bunny hop.....


Monday, June 1, 2009

Becoming You.....

Priest Laurel Conference at SUNY Brockport

we had such a great time this weekend with 6 stakes of youth and over 200 people. the group from Rochester was small which was nice because we all just hung out.

here is some of the group...we were missing a few to sports and other games. but aren't we cute!

the YW helped make decorations for the dance saturday night. thank you and then we played a game of animal signs and could not stop laughing!!

Friday started with registration, devotional, snacks and a dance.


speed dating workshops

and many other topics.

Then sports and recreational activities, group photos, and then the keynote speaker and testimony meeting. Followed by a dance and then we were off ~home!

i had a great time this weekend laughing and talking with many people and relaxing...we played really hard!