Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Beginnings Program

Marion from Geneseo:
New Beginnings 2009
I sent out invitations about a month ahead of time. I handed them out to the girls and also mailed them to the parents.I had it on a Wednesday night from 6:30pm to about 8:30pm. Was one of our Mutual activities and the girls all helped in planning it. They each had duties to do such as set up and clean up.I based it on all the PP values and there colors. I had found on Mormon Share.com a idea for a program it was based on different women of the Bible, Book Of Mormon and of the Church. Each girl got to pick a color to represent and the value that went along with it. Then they each had a story about a significant women such as Emma Smith, Ruth, Sarah etc. which they read during the presentation. The also wore a shirt in the value color they were representing for that women and told what the value means to them. I had each of the YW leaders give a talk about parts of the YW theme. The first part then the girls did there readings when it came to the values and then a talk for the part after values and about temples and eternal families. I invited the Bishop to welcome the new beehives in and also invited them and there families too. One of the up and coming Beehives also did value reading and color. :) I also had the new and up coming Beehives fill out a sheet about getting to know them and read that at the presentation too.
The decorations very simple and all the leaders sat in the front of the room. Two tables were decorated with table runners of the PP colors. And I taped the meaning of each value to the colors. I had handouts of the YW theme and A packet put together for the new Beehives that had a PP book, information packet on YWs. And had bookmarks for all the girls that had the YW theme on it with ribbons of all the colors for the tassel.
I think it was a great program because the girls helped out and felt really proud of what they had done and were excited to welcome in the new girls. It was fun to help put together. The Spirit was there and the talks and skits went well. We had a great evening, and to top it all off we had snacks and cake.