Monday, March 9, 2009

Little ugly notebook!!!!

Thanks Geneseo YW leaders
(the picture is not a great example of "the ugly little notebook" but you can find one that has three copies...)

To encourage YW to complete Personal Progress
To help parents get involved and encourage their YW
To follow up with YW frequently about their progress
Buy a notebook that has three paper copies:
Leader keeps original
Give one copy to YW
Last copy to the parent
Meet one on one weekly during the sunday lesson
Write down the value goal the YW is starting or working on
WHEN she will complete it...
* Decide on whether the leader will email or call or check in at mutual--write it down and pass out the copies.
Then FOLLOW up with the YW and pass those Personal Progress goals off.
Once the YW get moving and signing them off the momentuem will keep them pushing forward.
Thanks Geneseo-great idea!