Monday, September 29, 2008

New lesson resources!!

YEAH! I love using the resource guides on the internet for the YM/YW manuals. Typically there is a list of lesson numbers with talks from general authorities linked to that subject. You can find this list at the bottom of the page under Resource Guides 2008 (lesson #). Follow the link below.
Now however, the resources will be sent out to the units to be used in 2009. Here is some more information about it.

A Brand New Year

The link below on the site has some great ideas and connections if you are planning a New Year's Activity.

A DVD will be mailed out to introduce the theme for 2009, celebration of the youth's accomplishments in 2008 and a message from the apostles. it sounds really cool and I hope we can all use it in some way.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday party...

Happy Birthday in the 4th ward!!! There was a fabulous party on Friday night for Timera King. She turned 15 years old...The YW did all the plans, decorations, food, invitations and YW from the 3rd ward were invited.
We hope you had a great day!

What cute faces! Shantrece and Taneiya

The birthday girl....YEAH!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We'd love to hear your suggestions..

Hey is there anyone out there with ideas for the blog?

Leave your comments or send an email............

We'd love to hear what you are up to!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ideas for YW in Excellence....

The worth of your "SOLES"

Michelle -wore these shoes with the new skirt that she made

Lauren-wore these shoes to play her solo with the jazz ensemble

Sarah-served as a caregiver to her elderly neighbor wearing these shoes

Lindsay-read every word of the old testament

Susanne-tutored elementary school students in math

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girls Camp

Camping with the Stars
Rochester Stake Games

Ice Cream Truck

Camping with the Stars fireside

Coooking lunch on the fire

our yw!!

The vision of the tree of life
just a few pictures of the fun!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

High Adventure 2008

the group!!
you girls were awesome climbers...

the rope swing!

Devan getting suited up!

ropes course


the middle falls

the lower falls-first day hike

Jodie at the walmart

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

such cute clipart...

These are really cute ideas.

volleyball anyone???

If you are interested you are on your own to get there and get home but we hope you have fun!! Let me know if you go and how it went.

Location: Palmyra Stake Center
YW Volleyball season

10/18 - 9am-12 noon
11/8 - 9am-12 noon
11/15 - 9am-12 noon
11/22 - 9am-12 noon
12/13 - 9am-12 noon
12/20 - 9am-12 noon

Our Stake will be taking a team to Palymra for B-Ball! That schedule is as follows:

YW/YM Basketball season
1/10 - 9am-2pm
1/17 - 9am-2pm
1/24 - 9am-2pm
1/31 - 9am-2pm
2/14 - 9am-2pm
2/21 - 9am-2pm
2/28 - 9am-2pm
3/14 - 9am-2pm

Specific times for YOUR games will be coming in the next few months...

Stake YW Leadership Training Meeting

"Feed my Sheep"

October 30th (the date has changed!)


Sunday Dress

Westfall Stake Center, chapel

Light refreshments will be served!

Join us!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rochester NY Stake website

Do you have a log in yet?

If not here is how........

go to (

under "about the church" there is a subtitle "stake and ward web sites" click on it

that will lead you to a log in screen

if you do not have a log in yet click on " obtain an account"

you will need two things: 1. your record number 2. know your confirmation date (if you do not know either of these you can call your ward clerk or talk to him on sunday)

then you will simply add your personal information and it will connect you to our stake site.

Navigating our stake site is easy and divided by wards as well as our stake page. It is a great place to find the stake calendar for the entire year! ALL stake activities will be listed there starting in November for the following year. That way you can plan your calendars as well. Also the Epistle is always posted on the right corner. I hope this helps if you are unfamiliar with the stake and ward pages.
Please email if you are still unsure how to log in or get a log in. Good luck!

October Epistle

It has arrived!

We are trying to get them out and done by the middle of the month before the actual date. Hopefully this will help you with the distribution.

Check it out. October is a busy month....,18744,246083,00.pdf

Monday, September 15, 2008

Standards Events coming soon...

It is that time of year again. The LDS website explains the details of this activity and of it's importance.

Such as:

1. What is a Standards Events?

2. Why do we have Standards Events?

3. When are Standards Events held?

4. Who is invited to the Standards Events?

5. How do we plan a Standards Events?

They also have a video called "Standards and Eternal Truths."

Here is the link directly to this article.,17884,6905-1,00.html

This is also great article by Robert D. Hales about the importance of modesty!

We would love to hear what your plans are let me know. Also we would love to attend! Good luck and have fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Five Scriptures

There are some really great articles in this months New Era. I have always loved John Bytheway and the way he explains Gospel truths. This article is called Five Scriptures to get you through almost anything.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Value of the Month...

I think these are so cute.....A great way to have or display a value of the month.

here is the link if you are interested.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

B-Ball Winners.....

Calling ALL YW basketball players!!

Welcome back Rochester Stake YW basketball team.

We had a great team last year and would love to have ALL of you back. Our practice schedule will be out soon and as well as the game schedule from Palmyra. All games will take place in Palmyra Stake Center and begin in January.

Let me know what Team T-shirt ideas you might have???

The Barn Dance

Saturday, October 18th
Clay's Barn
8035 Chili-Riga Center Rd.
Bergen, NY

Bring your decorated pumpkin for a contest!!
Invite all your friends church or school. We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008 YW in Excellence

"The worth of your SOLES"

All Young Women and their families are invited to attend our annual
Saturday Morning, November 15th at the Westfall Building

Sunday Dress!
Fulfills PP Divine Nature Experience

Personal Progress

Ideas from our unit leaders:

1. Personal Progress Kick off Party!
At the start of the school year introduce a fun way of keeping track of Personal Progress like a pp moment on Sundays taking a minute to ask what people are working on or ask for experiences in pp. Or a flower vase that the yw can add a fake flower to every time they pass off a value goal. A cute poster board with each girls name and chart her progress.

2. Leader completes the pp with the YW, sharing ideas, experiences and talking about it often!

3. Personal Progress can include all the good things that the YW do in their lives already so when you sit down on mutual nights to talk about and chart and plan talk with each YW about the activities of her life and how those "GOOD" things are personal progress and can be passed off as such! They might have to write in journals or complete extra parts but it is a start and a good one! Let's make it obtainable.

4. Simple chocolate rewards if they finish a value goal. Again reminding and talking about it often so it is on the minds of the YW each week.

5. Choose a value of the month and all the mutual nights are planned around that value. Simple focus on personal progress and again talking about it often.

6. Enlist the help parents to followup and even complete pp with their YW. Maybe with a parents meeting or New Beginnings!

7. Include pp in every Sunday lesson calling attention to goals and even offering time for them to read and then begin the goal to them be completed later at a mutual night or Sunday.

The LDS website has great resources about Personal Progress and encouraging the YW.

Follow the link,17884,6884-1,00.html

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Regional YW's Conference

Brenda, Charlene, Crystal, Cyndi

Noel, Beth, Natasha, Connie, Alyssa, Emily

Sarasha, Kate, Kira, Lisa

Marissa, Meghann, Sarah, Virginia, Julia, Sam

Sarah, Aimee, Angela, Alexandra, Alec, Kirsten

Chris, Timera, Angel, Carol, Laurel, Shantrece, Taneiya