Monday, June 1, 2009

Becoming You.....

Priest Laurel Conference at SUNY Brockport

we had such a great time this weekend with 6 stakes of youth and over 200 people. the group from Rochester was small which was nice because we all just hung out.

here is some of the group...we were missing a few to sports and other games. but aren't we cute!

the YW helped make decorations for the dance saturday night. thank you and then we played a game of animal signs and could not stop laughing!!

Friday started with registration, devotional, snacks and a dance.


speed dating workshops

and many other topics.

Then sports and recreational activities, group photos, and then the keynote speaker and testimony meeting. Followed by a dance and then we were off ~home!

i had a great time this weekend laughing and talking with many people and relaxing...we played really hard!