Wednesday, May 20, 2009

class presidencies

Brockport ward has a great group of YW....i had such a great time with them at mutual this week.

starting out we made balloon structures with two teams! they had to build them as tall as they could in 10 minutes using only tape.

this was soooo tall...

the point was to see how a structure could not stand without a strong foundation (helaman 5:12)

Then we talked about those ROOTS=our testimonies and continued that analogue with all aspects of plants.
SEEDS=our divine potential
LIGHT= Jesus Christ
SOIL=environments, holy places (matthew 13:3-9)
WATER Drops=small & simple, notes, smiles, email, friendship and acts of kindness

each YW and leader went home with one of these to grow. to remind them of how to GROW a young women with lots of love.

Talked about class presidency responsibilities and why it is difficult to carry them out=brainstormed ways to improve.

Callings; three things Elder Erying promises each of us!
1. Called of God to do his work
2. The Holy Ghost will guide you
3. You will be magnified to do ALL that you are asked to do

then we split into class presidencies to fill out an agenda for their next class presidency meeting.

The presidency had made the best desserts-thank you! cream puffs with toppings. (man they are organized and on the ball)

What a great group you have! And I look forward to seeing those SEEDS become plants in the next few weeks...