Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crowning the Laruels

What a CUTE idea!!

We talk a lot about how to recognize the achievements of our Young Women. The boys get all their priesthood ordinations and their scouting ceremonies, the young women rarely, depending on the ward, get the same pomp and circumstance.

I decided that when the girls in my ward turn 16 and enter my class, we should have a little ceremony in opening exercises where we crown them with a laurel wreath and then all the rest of the Laurels give them hugs and air kisses.
I thought it was just a fun goofy little thing to do until I found out that the girls were wearing their headbands to school and all the older Laurels started begging me for their own headbands.So here's how I did it:All I did was get a couple of different colors of green wool felt and cut a million little teardrop shapes out of them. If you can, avoid the craft felt. It's thin and will look cheap. Go for the real wool felt, you don't need much. A fat quarter will yield as many as seven or eight headbands depending on how you apply your leaves.
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