Friday, May 1, 2009

Leadership Training Meeting

Thank you to ALL the YW leaders!

We had a great leadership training meeting this Thursday!

Sharing great ideas about mutual, unit super saturdays, starting our VIRTUE chain and chatting with the RS about the transition to womanhood...

Some of those ideas included:
Take a mutual night to set YW goals for the year and post them in your YW's room
Hold a Sunday lesson on a Wednesday night because you have more YW attend that evening
A service jar competition between the leaders and the YW
Invite other units for Sunday lessons or mutual nights
A special mutual night with the stake leaders about class presidencies (or any other topics)
A "P" night--for planning party and anything P goes, Pj's, popcorn, etc...once a quarter
* before hand emails are sent out to remind the YW to bring ideas and links are sent with ideas.
* personal progress books are brought
* and to keep it fun some kind of surprise activity is planned without the YW knowing so they look forward to "P" nights
* reminder all ideas even stupid or silly ones are welcomed and even offered to get them talking and planning.
* sometimes their ideas fail and that is ok-learn from mistakes and next time they will follow through and carry them out
* start with a plan of what the YW would like to have happen at the activity!
Send out a monthly newsletter with a calendar of events for parents and YW. Include a spot light of a YW even in actives and any messages of encouragement, Personal Progress as well.
Mutual night idea-head to the VOA and buy immodest dresses spend an evening making them modest and talk about virtue and the importance of dressing modestly!

Transition to Womanhood:
Copy the YM-priesthood and hold opening exercises together every week!
Hold a special lesson teaching about the YW and RS themes
VT conference on a Sunday include YW
Invite them to attend the Genesee Valley Branch; the student branch in the Stake
Offer a special event, activity or gift for YW who move up into RS
RS sisters attend YW for a day.
Regular activities and fun events were the YW can meet the RS and enjoy time together!

Thank you again for all your ideas, your attendance and ALL that you do for these YW in your units.

We had a lot of fun and LOVE seeing you around.

Mark your calendars for our next YW leadership Training: October 26th---see you there!


2 packages of instant vanilla pudding
(mix + then whip in the following until smooth)

12 oz cool whip
1 pk. cream cheese
1 cup powered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
crush up oreo's (or for sand vanilla wafers or other vanilla cookie)
add gummy worms on top or in the layers

layer in a flower pot or sand pal + top with plastic flowers
serve with a shovel or (new) garden tool....