Monday, October 5, 2009

Stake Family Event

Dancing through the Decades....

the family stake event started at 4:00pm and ran until started with 40's music and each hour changed to another decade. There was lots of dancing, really great refreshments and families had a wonderful time at the stake center dancing the day away!

These YW did it all!!! What a great idea for a laurel project. It involved so many people and families throughout the stake and everyone enjoyed themselves. They made posters, gave out assignments for cleanup and setup, they involved the YM. With this activity under their belts they are now ready to graduate and move onto to bigger events!!!

Thank you so much Aimee and Kassey~you are both great leaders! Great job.

more food and more dancing....Brother Sykes did the music and there was even a slide show of pictures and events from each era...the decorations covered the entire gym and tables were setup in the back for people to sit down, visit as well as eat.