Monday, September 28, 2009

YW High Adventure

We had a great time this year on our YW High Adventure Trip!!!! Three days in the Adirondacks Hiking, camping, fishing and haning out. Here is the group.

WOW! we have a ton of photos but we has such a great time! So here we are packing up and getting ready to go...
the crater mobile~this is how warsaw traveled!


Making and decorating cakes~camping style!
Hanging out at camp!

and then the hikes!! the first day we were all suppose to head to the top of Wright's Peak but one group had to head to another so we were split. But they were equally as difficult. We ALL made it to the top with our Banners of Virtue!
at the top we were able to read about Sister Dalton's challenge to sacrifice and make it to the temple, carrying out own banners of virtue. Some of the YW were able to share testimony and experiences as well as leaders. We were strengthened and uplifted by a very challenging physical experience!
the second day was Mount Joe for some, hanging out at camp for others and another long hike through the was a challenge but everyone had a great time.

The Lake! lake heart....

We took a long hike to the top of Wright's Peak with our Banners of Virtue.


Sam fly fishing on the lake! Her first time and she did so well...

Here we are at the Olympic Stadium~we got to try a lot of events and got to see even more!
Very cool. IMG_7219