Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family History, I am doing it!

We have some pretty amazing YW in our Stake!! Sarah is a 14 year old from the 3rd Ward. She has her own blog to keep her own family history but she posted this a few weeks ago. It is the cutest blog!
We wanted to share her example and testimony with you. Check her out! Great job. We love you.


This post is going to require some background information, so bear with me...A while ago the Young Women decided to have a genealogy month and learn how to use the new family search program and such. I thought it was a good idea. Little did I know how "into it" I would become and how much time I would spent working on family history. It is almost as addicting as facebook... almost:) Both of my parents are converts, so none of their families have any family history work done, so I made an account on the website ( and started with my parents. I put in all of the information that I already had and then started the searching. Many people have been willing to help me with learning how to use the program and I have learned alot.After my dad's family came to America, most of his family settled in New York or Pennsylvania and there is this one little cemetery in New York that alot of my dad's family. This is now my favorite cemetery because it has alot of my dad's family, and I mean ALOT. This makes it alot easier for family historians like myself because you can go to one place and get pretty much all of the information you need. This past time that we went to the cemetery, I walked around the whole thing and took down lots of names and dates. One couple in particular that I was looking for was Floyd Warner and Daisy Rockefeller. I was very happy when I found this (a head stone).

I also found in this family plot their son that only lived a few months and other names that I did not have before. I am always so happy when I find someone that I didn't have before.One other thing I love about having my dad's family all in one place is that you can find a maiden name and it will lead you to another line in your family tree. Every time I go back, I have another name to look for and I will walk up all of the rows of stones until I find that one.This is probably boring because all this post is, is me finding people in a cemetery that I don't even know, but I guess the real reason I wrote this is because I am so grateful for family history work and that we will be able to see the people that we do work for some day. I am also so grateful that we can see all of the people that have already passed on again. I know I am looking forward to that day.