Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stake Beehive Activity

The Potter's Hands

We had such a great time together at the Beehive Activity! Thank you all for coming and having fun together.

Laurel taught a great lesson about trying even though we fail we need to just keep trying. This is essence of the gospel that we can repent of our mistakes and that even though we are not perfect Heavenly Father has created a plan to help us return to live with him.

She encouraged us to be like clay and malable so Heavenly Father can teach us and mold us into wonder women. We might not measure up all the time but we are unique and different and have lots to offer. Just like the pots that potter's make-all unique and different but beautiful!

We also learned about Personal Progress and how this divinely inspired program helps us to become who Heavenly Father created us to be. That is why we do it.

Then we got to make our own clay magnets, beads, pots, anything we wanted. It was fun to try it out ourselves and see how difficult it is to form and kneed the clay.
Very fun!! We missed all those who could not attend...see you next time.