Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Beginnings in the 3rd Ward

"Be thou an Example" 1 Timothy 4:12

Conduct: a YW
Opening Hymn & Prayer
Speaker: a leader spoke about the youth theme for the year-be thou an example

Speaker: a leader-personal progress specialist spoke about the new value, virtue, and the personal progress program
Presentation by YW: each YW talked about a value project that they choose to work on this year and will complete

Special Musical Number:

Presentation by Parents: each family was asked to prepare to talk about their YW, explaining how they brought "light" into their family and some of the qualities that their YW possess. Some families gave gifts of light and others just talked about their YW. Then each parent gave a letter to their YW about these qualities. (very sweet and spiritual-love this idea!)
Speaker: a YW leader spoke about the Brother of Jared and how we can follow through with the values that we work on. And offer it up to the Lord just like the brother of Jared did with the stones he presented to the Lord. Then he shared them with his family!

Speaker: Bishopric remarks
Closing Hymn and Prayer:
examples of light!

center pieces

yummy refreshments..

Thanks 3rd Ward for a great, spiritual New Beginnings Program and inviting us to join you!
read more about New Beginnings at the link listed